Past Consulting Work

City of Lowell, MA

  • Inventory and Assessment of the trees on Jackson Street
    • September 2013
  • Assessment of oak trees on 161 Westview Street 
    • January, 2012
  • Shade tree assessment on Upham street 
    • June, 2011
  • Initial assessment of historic Pow Wow oak tree
    • September 2010
  • Forestry Management Plan for Rogers Fort Hill Park 
    • June 2003
  • Tyler Park post-construction tree assessment 
    • December 1999
  • Assessment of historic sycamore trees at The Lawrence Mills 
    • December 1998
  • Heritage Tree preservation work at Tyler Park 
    • June 1997

Friends of Rogers Fort Hill Park - Lowell, MA:

Pow Wow Oak Assessment

In the News

arborist John Coppinger needs a magnifying glass to see the bugs, but he knows the tiny, aphid-like insects are there by the small, woolly pouches that pock the tree’s needles like ice crystals
Traditional herbicides make dandelions go away. But they destroy oak trees, too, because the chemicals can’t distinguish between the two, Coppinger says. Pesticide also kills both good and bad bugs in soil, preventing the natural cycle of life that makes soil richer.